Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4: This is the fourth episode of Game of Thrones and the beginning of the second half of last season. Yes, the fourth episode of the 8 Power game is already here, and there are only two episodes in the series tonight. Last week was a big battle, this week is the result.

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The Night King – leader of the White Walkers – has finally fallen, with Arya Stark piercing the villain’s heart with a very familiar Valyrian Steel dagger. Our heroes (at least, those who remain standing) are now set to march South to King’s Landing, where they will face Cersei Lannister.

Here’s everything we know about the Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4.

The next episode of the fantasey series, which is due to air in the early hours of Monday morning, is now out thre on the internet, according to Deadline, and there are spoilers everywhere.

GOT die-hards are getting fed up with the leaks, as the site also posted the second episode of the new series before it had aired. According to website Winter Is Coming, fans of the HBO show were left stunned when the episode automatically began playing after they’d finished watching premiere installment Winterfell, alerting others to the news on Twitter and Reddit, as well as posting evidence in the form of photos. For those of us who are terrified about accidentally stumbling across a spoiler, we’ve got a trusty guide on how to avoid them.

In less spoilerific news, Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, has teased that the next episode of the beloved HBO series is set to be ‘twisted and uncomfortable.’ Uh oh. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Kit said: ‘One of my favourite episodes is four because the characters have seemingly got what they needed.

‘The world is safe now. They’re celebrating and saying goodbye to lost friends. But as an audience you’re going, “This is only episode four, something’s going to happen.” ‘And that’s the cool thing because I think the characters are aware of this as well. There’s something twisted and uncomfortable about it. It’s so Shakespearian.’